This personal wiki belongs to Wesley Coakley, also known as Me (⌒▽⌒)

This is a personal space for organizing my thoughts and knowledge, gathered serially throughout my day, into parallel and correlating articles which are then neatly formatted and presented here on the Web. I'm the only one with write access here so all opinions are my own and all information here can only be as correct as I am. This site is generated with with love and ikiwiki but saying any more about this site on the site's own front page is considered too SiteMeta and will be avoided at all costs.

I run a similar personal site which hosts my polished articles and HOWTO guides. If you're looking to read something more monolithic maybe then you should check out that site instead |・ω・`) I'm writing more all the time, and actually most of the content and inspiration for those pages comes from my notes on this personal wiki. I'd recommend checking out one of these few articles hosted over there which typify my style:

I still haven't filled out many of the pages on this site but if you'd like to start exploring my personal wiki some the best way is to read a little about Me because that's who's writing this!